10" Green Sideneck Showerhead Rig

This Jammer Rig is a great size for both concentrates and flower! With a sideneck mouthpiece, this allows for easy use on both the user and the pipe as you can just lean forward and inhale. While being mostly clear, there are green accents with the gold Tsunami Glass logo. The showerhead perc on this rig diffuses your water for a clean hit every time!

- Sideneck Jammer
- Clear with Green Accents
- Showerhead Perc

Dimensions of Jammer
Joint Size: 18mm
Height: 10in
Width: 4.6in

Recommended Angle Degree

x1 10" Green Sideneck Jammer
x1 Slant-Top Banger

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

SKU: 210000002574