By Hubbard

Red & Fire Wig Wag Hubduction #HUB13R | 400000298214

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Since 1997, Glass artist Hubbard, also known as Chris Hubbard, has been hard at work in the glass blowing industry. With art work ranging from functional pipes, hand pipes, and more, Hubbard has become most known for their faceted ball perc jammers as well as more "sculptural" type pipes. After being in the glass blowing world for some time, Hubbard decided to take on the education side of the game and started instructing glass blowing classes where anyone can join and start mastering the art themselves. Instagram Handle: @HubbardGlass

- Hubduction Jammer
- Red and Fire WigWag
- Multi-Color Ball Perc
- Faceted Opal Mib
- Millie Mib

Joint Size: 14mm
Height: 7.2in
Base: 3.5in

Recommended Angle Degree

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