Amber Purple & Blue Stardust Marble Spinner Cap #OTP61SC

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Located in Cleveland, Ohio One Trick Pony, also known as Mike Clark, has been around in the glass world their fair share amount of time. With having so much time in the glass world, OTP has a varies amount of artwork such as hand pipes, pendants, caps, terp slurper sets, and more but is most known for their honeycomb work. Coming into the new age of glass, OTP is most famous for their unique marble spinner caps, beautiful coloring, and honeycomb working. Instagram Handle: @OneTrickPonyGlass

- Marble Spinner Cap
- 2-Tone "Amber Purple" and "Blue Stardust"
- Fits 25mm Bangers

Height: 1.4in
Width (Marble): 27mm
Width (Foot): 19mm

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