By Smply

Peacock Rainbow Tube #SMP09R

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Since 2016 glass blower Smply, also known as Brett Burford, has been creating beautiful glass pieces. Smply works with a variety of different styles such as full functionals, hand pipes, pendants, and more. While using lots of colors in their works, their most popular coloring technique is the rainbow and wigwag designs they include in their artwork. Instagram Handle: @SmplyGlassworks

- Mini Jammer Tube
- Clear with "Peacock" and Rainbow Accents
- Rainbow Bottom
- Removable Diffused Downstem (14mm/10mm)

x1 Mini Tube
x1 Downstem

Joint Size: 10mm
Height: 9.5in
Width: 2.8in

Recommended Angle Degree

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