Vamp Vase Bong

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Welcome, you are now a part of My Bud Vase journey! Set your eyes on the Vamp smokeshow. This pipe has a fixed downstem with a rubber grommet that holds it tightly in place, and a bowl that has been custom made for your Bud Vase. Fill your My Bud Vase with just enough water to cover the bottom tip of the downstem, pack your bowl not too loose but not too tight, place your packed bowl in the downstem of the vase and enjoy!

- Vamp Vase Bong
- Full Color; Black and Gold
- Matching Grommet Slide with Non-Detachable Downstem


x1 Vamp Vase Bong
x1 Matching Grommet Slide
x1 Decorative Feather
x1 Pair of Lips and Lipstick Earrings
x1 My Bud Vase Long Metal Poker
x1 My Bud Vase Certificate of Authenticity


Dimensions of Bong
Joint Size: Grommet Slide
Height: 7.3in
Width: 2.5in

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product
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