10pk MouthPeace Filters

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Moose Labs' silicone mouthpieces allow you to smoke safer by reducing the spread of germs when sharing with friends and roommates or at seshes and parties. Our new mouthpiece bong filters, joint filters, and vape filters help remove resin and tar that cause you to cough and choke. They help make each pull smoother and more flavorful

There are so many gross germs out there, and it only takes a few to get you sick. That's why we recommend using a Moose Labs Silicone MouthPeace or MouthPeace Mini every time you smoke. They are the perfect size and shape to fit every smoking apparatus in your arsenal.


- MouthPeace Filter Pack
- By utilizing activated carbon’s antibacterial properties to absorb resins, contaminants, and tar, MouthPeace Filters remove the harsh stuff and enhance the flavor of your smoke
- The filters are triple layered to remove larger particles while allowing smaller molecules to pass through, all without reducing airflow or blocking your intake


x10 MouthPeace Filters

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