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14" Silicone Straight Tube

Are you prone to breaking your pipes? Well not anymore with these full silicone bongs! The full silicone provides a sigh of relief when dropped on the ground, as this pipe will not break. These pipes are also made with military grade silicone, which allows for easy cleaning as you can pop these in the dishwasher at a low temp setting and you don't have to worry about flame touching the silicone! A glass single hole slide is included along with a diffused silicone downstem.

- Straight Tube
- Various Colors and Designs
- Silicone
- 6-Slit Removable Diffused Downstem

Dimensions of Straight Tube
Joint Size: 14mm
Height: 14in
Width: 4in

Recommended Angle Degree

x1 14" Silicone Straight Tube
x1 Slide
x1 Downstem

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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