2pc Hemp Shredder

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Instagram Handle: @SantaCruzShredders

Santa Cruz Shredder is engineered to perfection. After carefully analyzing the inner working of how a proper tooth design should work, Santa Cruz used a special computer program called Siemens CAD Software to invent the most ”perfect” shredding tooth design ever conceived by man! Santa Cruz developed a unique and proprietary thread pattern designed to eliminate the binding & permanent seizing of the screw-together parts. Santa Cruz Shredder uses T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen. The most optimal micron size of any grinder on the market. Santa Cruz uses Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets. Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coated for maximum durability and protection against abuse & corrosion.


- 2-Piece Santa Cruz Grinder
- Made from Recycled All Natural Hemp
- Biodegradable


x1 2pc Hemp Shredder


Dimensions of Grinder
Height: 0.9in
Width: 2.1in

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