Glob Mops

300pk XL 2.0 Glob Mops Mops

Rating: 4.67 out of 5.0 (3)

The new Glob Mop XL 2.0 have 3x more cotton than the original V1 mops, and extra loose cotton for better absorption. Glob Mops also added an extra 100 mops to the count. there is a total of 300 mops instead of 200 now. Hope you enjoy! More cotton than the leading brand.


- Glob Mops XL
- Perfect for cleaning out your banger
- Made in the USA
- 100% Cotton and solid bamboo sticks
- Extra absorbent

Dimensions of Container
Height (Box): 3.1in
Width (Box): 4.7in

x300 XL Glob Mops

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cheaper than regular Qtips in Hawaii

Not only do these work great on a proxy or peak chamber but they come in handy if you run out of regular qtips!

Oscar Garcia

They always do the job for me. Planet caravan with the discreet shipping and always on time 👌👌

C Ray
Decent, not what I expected

I think that the Glob Mops do have more cotton on the swab to suck up more product… but it just doesn’t get it as clean as a typical Q Tip imo. I use them for the Peak 3DXL chamber so it may be different than using them with a classic banger. I find the glob mops leave a small amount of reside still in the bottom of the chamber after 2 swabs while a classic Q Tip collects everything with max 3 tips. Now I do think they soak up more per swab compared to regular store bought swabs, but the cotton on Glob Mops is super tight where I find slightly loose/frayed swabs typically soak up the most efficient amount of product from the 3DXL. I do keep them on standby for whenever I need to use 1 to soak a fatty out the chamber. With PC’s cheap shipping I think you should throw a pack onto your order to try em yourself!