Bamboo Triple Flip Rolling Tray

RAW decided to make the most insane RAWdiculous over-the-top wooden tray ever created. 14 months of design and test work led to the creation of the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray! The Triple Flip can be used all together or take off one panel and use it as a prep tray, rolling tray, etc. The locking magnet system allows customization into 8 different configurations and includes an integrated ashtray. It comes in handy when rolling with friends or when you’re working on a unique creation.

- RAW Bamboo Triple Flip Rolling Tray
- Three Separate Trays
- "Cup Holders"; Slots to keep papers, wraps, and pre-rolls
- Folds together with magnets on both tops of the trays to close and take apart the tray

Dimensions of Tray
Length: 16in
Width: 10in

x1 RAW Triple Flip Rolling Tray

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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