Black Peak Device

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The Puffco Peak device unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they're derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve.

- Puffco Peak Device
- Concentrate Device
- 4-Heat Settings
- Average heat up time of 20 seconds
- LED light band feedback
- Battery lasts for around 30 uses

Dimensions of Device
Height: 7in
Width: 2.7in

x1 Puffco Peak Device
x1 Puffco Styrofoam Carrying Case
x1 Puffco Charger
x1 Extra Puffco Peak Ceramic Chamber
x1 Metal Tool
x1 Puffco Peak Atomizer
x1 Puffco Peak Ball and Tether Cap
x4 Cleaning Swabs

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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