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Classic Volcano

The German engineered, Volcano Vaporizer is one of the highest quality desktop vapes currently available. This medical grade dry herb vaporizer is easy to use and made to the highest of quality. The Classic Volcano features analog temperature control making it simple to control and nearly impossible to combust your herb. It comes without a timer shutoff so it can stay on all day for extended use. The vacuum system pushes filtered air that is heated to vaporize your herb. The air is then released into the balloon attached to your Volcano. Detach your balloon and it is ready to use. The Classic Volcano ships with the Easy Valve system. Each balloon comes with a pre-assembled mouthpiece . The Classic Volcano is also compatible with the Solid Valve kit which gives you the ability to customize your session. This thoroughly tested vaporizer delivers only clean air to your lungs. The Classic Volcano is one of the highest quality and safest vaporizers on the market. For cleaning just remove the filling chamber and dump out excess material then cotton swab it down with 99% isopropyl alcohol. The mouthpiece and balloons can be washed with warm soapy water.


- OG Storz & Bickel Classic Volcano
- 3 Minute Heat Up Time
- 100 Watt Convection Oven
- Medical Grade Construction
- 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- 104°F - 446°F Temperature Range
- Analog Dial Control

Dimensions of Device
Height: 7.9in
Width: 7.1in
Weight: 3.97 lbs
Chamber Capacity: .75g

x1 Sotrz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer
x4 Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Balloon with Mouthpiece
x1 Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Balloon with adapter
x1 Storz & Bickel Filling Chamber Clip & Filling Chamber Ring
x3 Storz & Bickel Filling Chamber Clip & Cap Ring
x1 Storz & Bickel Cap Ring
x1 Storz & Bickel Normal Screen Set
x1 Storz & Bickel Air Filter Set
x1 Storz & Bickel Herb Mill Grinder
x1 Volcano Cleaning Brush

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