Crystal Mandala Rig

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Wormhole Glass specializes in decal glass work, making their pieces unique and intricate. With a variety of different styles ranging from jammers, to beakers, and more, Wormhole offers a large selection of colorful and high functioning glass. 

This mini jammer rig is the perfect size for concentrates and for if you don't want a super huge pipe. While wormhole specializes in lots of color, this Crystal Mandala Rig has beautiful bright colorful decals along with purple accents all around the pipe. With a tree perc as your diffuser, this pipe is a chugger. 

- Mini Jammer Rig
- Clear with Purple Accents and Crystal Mandala Design
- Tree Perc

Dimensions of Rig
Joint Size: 14mm
Height: 7in
Width: 3.5in

Recommended Angle Degree

x1 Crystal Mandala Rig

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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