Lite Blue Cheese Accented Klein Recycler

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- Heady Klein Recycler
- Single Uptake Single Drain
- Clear with "Lite Blue Cheese" Accents
- Inline Perc
- Due to the size of this piece, we are not comfortable shipping it in a Pelican. However, 1400 Pelicans are still available

Dimensions of Recycler
Joint Size: 14mm
Height: 11in
Width: 3.1in

Recommended Angle Degree

x1 Lite Blue Cheese Accented Klein Recycler

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Wilde
Exactly What I Was Looking For

I already had a shorter full-color version of this prior to purchasing. At over 11" this one stands about 1.5" taller than its counterpart.

While there are other variables at play, the takeaway is that this one is slightly slower and less responsive, so there is a learning curve as to how to get your inhale in sync with it for best results. The tradeoff is that this is the smoothest functioning Klein in my arsenal, with more cooling ability on account of greater water capacity. But for the visuals nothing beats looking at a man-made tornado like that one. Super clean piece, awesome function, and even sturdier than it looks all made this a huge win. Not to mention I love blue and the color that was used here is particularly attractive, especially in person. There was even a really cool wrap pattern around the neck and drain/uptake. Even if this were clear I think I would have been sold on the vortexing ability alone.

Fogz pieces can be different enough to warrant buying another even if you already own one; at least in this case that's how it turned out.

Killer piece and great service all-around means this will be one of the 1st places I look the next time I'm in the market for some fresh glass.