Nuclear Cone Rig

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Milkyway Glass has over 10 years of blowing glass along with sandblasting on glass. As they've been mastering this artistry and technique their pipes continue to become more and more beautiful and unique.

The Nuclear Cone Rig has an outer sandblasted design that centers around a unique scientific type design. The sandblasted texture on this rig allows you to get an easy grip and wont slide out of your hands as easily. The slide on this rig is also sandblasted, giving a complete unique sandblasted look!

- Cone Rig
- Clear with Sandblasted Nuclear Design
- Diffused Puck Perc

Dimensions of Rig
Joint Size: 14mm
Height: 7.8in
Width: 2.5in

Recommended Angle Degree

x1 Nuclear Cone Rig
x1 Slide

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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