Smoke Buddy

Personal Air Filter Mega

For the benefit of both smokers and non-smokers alike, Smokebuddy has created the first truly personal air filter. By combining highly-advanced, HEPA filter technology with a versatile array of colors, themes and form factors, there's a Smokebuddy to meet everyone’s needs- regardless if you’re constantly on the go, relaxing with friends or family or simply taking a break at the office. The Activated Carbon core is combined with Ceramic Bead technology to filter away contaminants while removing smoke and odors.

- Smoke Buddy
- Various Colors and Designs
- Mega Size
- Personal Air Filter to Eliminate Smoke Odor
- Removes Smoke
- Remove the cap, blow your smoke through, and enjoy the odorless clean air

Dimensions of Smoke Buddy
Height: 6in
Length: 4in
Width: 1.5in

x1 Mega Smoke Buddy
x1 "Mr. Smoke Buddy" Keychain

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Dimensions may slightly vary depending on product

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